How Many Blooms Do I Need In A Bridal Bouquet?

I often get asked how many flowers do I need to create a centerpiece or bouquet for my wedding? This is an important and great question! Although there is no real “right” answer, there are a few good rules to follow to ensure your arrangements come out looking professional. (Watch tutorial video here!)

Be mindful of your vessel size. The larger the opening of your vessels the more flowers it will take to fill. I recommend sticking to a mason size jar opening, this way you won’t have to overspend on flowers.

Greens are your friend. Greens like Silver Dollar Eucalyptus or Green Trick Dianthus are great fillers to use. Green hydrangeas are even a good choice as they take up more circumference and you won’t have to spend as much on flowers like roses or ranunculus.

Filer flowers vs. main blooms.  When making an arrangement or bouquet you want to consider what your main blooms will be. Peonies, Garden Roses, and even Proteas make great choices! These blooms are the focal point of the arrangement. The Typically tend to be more pricey so you won’t need to purchase as many. You will offset them with what I call filler blooms, these are less expensive flowers that can fill in the space without stealing the show. Wax Flower and Lisianthus are two of my faves!

Practice makes perfect. Don’t wait until the day before your wedding to play with the flowers you plan to use. The last thing you want is to be running around like a crazy person because you are short on flowers. Join one of my arranging workshops here in Austin so you can get some hands-on experience and support from me, the flower chick, before the big day!

your wedding is your oyster