We don't want anything to keep you from playing with flowers, so we decided to create stay 'n play, an in-the-moment, hands-on, flower arranging workshop experience!

Stay 'n Play is a B.Y.O.F (that's bring your own flowers) flash flower arranging experience. 

During this workshop you will learn to deconstruct a store bought bouquet and turn it into a centerpiece arrangement all your own. So choose your favorite blooms + greenery and come learn the basics of making an arrangement with us!

A vase is provided. Vase upgrade options are available.

Cost: $34.00 Per person

Stay 'n Play is avalaible Wednesday and Friday 4pm-6pm, Saturday's 1pm-3pm

NO RESERVATIONS NEEDED, just walk in during above hours! Party of 4+, give us a call so we can save you a table as we are first come first serve otherwise.


Looking for the full experience? Sign up for one of our many Art of Arranging Workshops here. 



How long does stay 'n play normally last?

Typically it is a 45 minute experience from start to finish, depending on how many people join in the fun. You are invited to join anytime during between the hours of 4pm-5:30pm (W-F) and 1pm-3pm (Sat).

How is stay 'n play different from on of your scheduled workshops?

This is a condensed version of our scheduled in-shop workshops. You will learn a few of the basics and have a fun time doing it. Also, with stay 'n play you need to B.Y.O.F ( That's bring your own flowers). This is how we are able to keep it so flexible and keep the cost down for you, a win-win!

Why don't you provide the flowers for stay 'n play?

We love flowers so much and we hate to seem them go to waste. Since we aren't a traditional flower shop, having flowers on-hand in the shop is challenging because we never know how much inventory you will need in any given week. But, we really wanted to give people the option to join in the fun anytime they wanted, not being restricted by schedules etc, so we created stay 'n play as a solution! FYI - We do provide the flowers for our scheduled in-shop experiences. Check out the rotating schedule here.

How many flowers and what kind should I bring?

The kind of flowers you bring are totally up to you! As far as quantity/variety, we recommend bringing 1 -2 store bought bouquets. Be sure to bring bouquet(s) with greenery in addition to at least two other different flower types. Places like Wholefoods, Trader Joes and Austin Flower Company offer a great selection that are all reasonably priced. 

Can I B.Y.O.B?

Yes, you are welcome to B.Y.O.B to stay 'n play. We just ask that it be in a single serve form ( beer, wine or batch cocktail). We also ask that you leave the snacks at home. Since happy hour is such a bustling time, we want to make sure we have space for everyone to participate. You must be 21+ years old to drink.



Have additional questions that weren't answered? Contact us at and we will be happy to answer them. 

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Street parking is available, but can be limited. 

Groups larger then 6+, please contact us before you come so we can be sure to reserve you a table.