Are you a creative bride struggling to find flowers that represent your style and tastes within your budget?

The answer is yes; always yes.


*** Above florals all created by Brides just like you, with no previous experience in florals, with the support of The Flower Social.

Here’s why. 

Typically, 10% of your weddings budget is said to be allocated to flowers. So that means if you are spending 40k on a wedding that is a whooping 4k!

The problem with that is half of that money isn’t even going to the flowers themselves.  It is going to pay for not only the flowers (which are sold to you at an up-charge), but also the service fee the florist receives for design, arranging, and delivery. That can be 30%-50% of the cost! 

This is not great new for the budget-savvy bride.

Also, you are a creative and fun-loving bride, so planning and executing your wedding thus far has been exciting! Why should the fun have to stop?

Imagine if the 30%-50% mentioned above could go towards something WAY MORE FUN! You can bring connection and creativity to your wedding flowers and create memories that will last a lifetime. Now image if you could get all your flowers at wholesale pricing and save an average of 25%-30% right off the bat!

How you ask? Because we are going to teach you (and your savvy friends) to arrange the flowers! Have no idea what’s in season or what goes together? No worries. We will work with you to design all arrangements, bouquets, etc. Then you don’t have to think about a thing!

How it works:

Step 1: You say to yourself, "THANK GOD, I FOUND YOU!" The search is over.

Step 2: You fill out the below info. Just a little about yourself and your wedding, date, etc. Maybe even your engagement story. We love juicy details.

Step 3: We contact you. We have a 20 minute complimentary consultation call. Come with all your pinboards  (We know you have some). We want to get inside your head so we can create the wedding of your dreams!

Step: 4 We get to designin’. We work behind the scenes to create all your looks and make sure all your design needs are meet. We make sure your flowers are pre-ordered correctly, and insure they will arrive in the correct timeline to you. We do our best to use local growers when possible. 

Step: 5 One to two days before your wedding, you gather your wedding party, friends, family and even grandma to assemble your beautiful florals!  We believe flowers are about connection and what better way to bring all the women in your life together by making memories and spending quality time arranging your wedding flowers. A team of professional Florista's are there to support you. So no need to worry! This day is all about fun and creativity! Bubbly and laughter encouraged. Depending on the size of you wedding, this workshop can take anywhere from 3-6 hours. (If this timeline makes you nervous, we do have 1:1 or group workshop options leading up to the big day as well.)

All about the benjamins.

How much is this going to cost me? We are so glad you asked. Here is a breakdown of the costs.

Flowers + Vessels + Supplies. This is truly up to you. After we find out what your design needs are and you share what your flower budget is, we help you find flowers + vessels within your budget. We have access to vendor pricing which you will have access to as well! You actually see the invoice and make the payment yourself with no hidden fees or up-charges! We even partner with local Makers in select markets that can create custom vessels that match the look and feel of your wedding. No generic vases here! We want every detail of your wedding thoughtfully curated.

Design/Flower Ordering/ Flower Prep/Creation Day Support.  We know! We know! Not putting prices on the website is so annoying! But we swear we have a good reason.  As each bride is unique, so are the wedding workshop options. We have options for all budgets. So please fill out the info below, and we will set up a complimentary twenty-minute consultation call so we can see how to best support you. 

We look forward to meeting you and sharing in this exciting time. Thank you for taking the time to see how we can bring your dream wedding to life.



Mel Frontino, Owner and Head Flower Chick at The Flower Social

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